Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Answer

My blog is back from its vacation; it came back, erotically bruised, pierced in odd places, and with what is either a bizarre tattoo or a gunpowder burn along its right flank. It wanted to tell me stories that might explain the haunted look in its eye and the new lisp in its voice, but I said, "Save it for your therapist; I don't want to know."

I must admit I missed it while it was gone, and watched this video, hour after hour, to pass the time; if I can't waste time in the blog's company, I'll find other ways to eat up the hours. I suggest watching Die Antwoord's video at least three times before going on to explore their oeuvre, which, in the term of the person who recommended them to me, is next level.

Once you're done, we'll get back into the comedy business.


Björn said...

You watched that video more than once?

Is this some kind of joke?

Jeff Strabone said...

The 'butterfly' in the video reminded me of your unfortunate fascination some years ago with Tatu. Really, it's a wonder that you did not become a devotee of last year's preposterous Eurovision winner, Lena's 'Satellite'

sw said...

As opposed to the non-preposterous winners of the previous years' Eurovision song contests?

And did I watch that video more than once? I've been mainlining it; if I had a videochip implanted in my brain, I'd be like a wide-eyed rat pressing the lever in a cage for more boluses of cocaine, replaying the video constantly. Go Ninja, GO!

Björn said...

Surely everyone with a pulse was fascinated by Tatu?