Friday, December 16, 2011

Without a Hitch

I had a rather pleasant image of Hitchens walking through the pearly gates, scowling at the angels and shaking his head with disgust at a very long, smug queue of the bovine deist-departed waiting to have their first meeting with God; St Peter puts an arm around his shoulder and says, "Well, on the bright side", as he steers Hitchens to a celestial bar where the Scotch is good, cigarettes are lit with stars, and the conversation is about to get better.


Lars von Beer said...


By the way, have you written previously about Hitchens's view that homosexuality is inherently funny?

Dr Saul Wheelock, aka "sw" said...

"deist", "deist-departed" - a sort of pun on "dearly departed", but, in this case, the Believers, the deists, who have arrived in Heaven.

Thank you for that link; interesting, debatable, and therefore worth discussing.

Hitchens was often in my thoughts today, and I mangled several, perhaps as many as three or four, Hitchens quotes during the day. One character who briefly appears in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy actually looks rather like him.