Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Well judged

It's important to know what's what on the internet. News organizations, including ones that are not overtly propaganda wings of the Republican party, are perfectly happy to promote frank nationalist propaganda disguised as the public service of 'opinion', although they're also entirely willing to disseminate Republican party propaganda; things that are NSFW tend to be disappointingly SFW, but are still NSFW, reflecting how low the bar is set on what is considered suitable or not suitable for work, which, come to think of it, is not a bad thing: hey, just over a week until Mad Men is back; the best things are still ones you read in print, but it's exciting that you're not limited to print, even if when you read it on a blog, you're constantly following links, most of which are not edifying; and anyway, I was looking up the correct spelling of e-mail/email and came across this, which is helpful but also, I thought, very funny in a well-judged way. It was nice to come across something that wasn't trying too hard and yet had a lovely touch with a good line, quoted or its own.


J said...

Only 'e-mail' can be tolerated. Anyone who deliberately misspells the word must be shot.

steve said...

I bet J still writes today as "to-day". Bless.