Monday, May 9, 2011

My Last Post Ever

As Steven pointed out in the comments to my most recent, apparently-Eastwood-misunderstanding Sunday Recommendations, the beauty of the internet is that someone can link to something instead of writing about it.

Well, that makes everything very easy, doesn't it? Why bother with all the fussy work of commenting and writing and trying, half-heartedly, to get names and titles right? I'll not only "link" to something, I'll "paste" it below. It says everything I could want to say on this blog, far better than I could. So, goodbye, all of you.


Steven said...

Is this really your last post ever or is it a "joke"? I do hope the latter!

I don't understand what the video is supposed to be saying with regard to your blog. Perhaps you could analyse it for us?

sw said...

Ah, thanks for that, although it tempers the "joke" in the post I just put up.

No, it was a "joke" except I did think: if I could link to any single link that would sum up everything I was trying to do, what would it be? And the answer was easy.

I hope to respond to your question on Wednesday, because it's a fair one. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to address something I failed to address last week.

But I'd love to hear your thoughts about the questions at the end of my new post, a post perhaps resurrected, just like Tinkerbell, by a single person out there saying "I do hope the latter: I do believe in fairies!"