Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Recommendations

Five albums that I thought I liked and said I liked before I actually ever listened to them, and when I finally did, I really loved them.

5. Tribal


Daniel F said...

This is fast becoming my favourite blog.

You inspired me to listen properly to Naked. And I loved it.

As for the rest. I don't know the Dr John, but I liked the track you linked to. Meat is Murder is the most under-rated Smiths LP. It is fucking amazing. Kind of Blue I sort of overdid as a student. Sandinista! is basically 70% crap, but could have been a decent single album - my favourite track is Sound of the Sinners, which is glorious.

Have you heard This is England, the one good track on the Clash's shitty last album, Cut the Crap. It's awesome:


Daniel F said...

If we're mentioning typos, you've misspelt Sandinista!.

sw said...

Yes. Yes, I did. Sigh. Thanks very much for the link to This is England, which is brilliant. I'm not going to agree that Sandinista! is 70% crap, but clearly it could have been better as a single album; nevertheless, Crooked Beat, Somebody Got Murdered and Something About England are all fantastic tracks - and I've really enjoying listening to the rest.