Thursday, April 14, 2011


Why is it that spending time on the internet is so often called "time-wasting"? You don't need to answer that; we know.

But I do find myself increasingly resistant to the notion that managerial perspectives of the internet (or anything) should be granted a priori credibility, all the more so because, since the rich corporate elites and their bureaucratic facilitators have effectively won and ended history, the last real resistance is not "time-wasting" (which implicitly suggests that our time is theirs to waste) but searching out and admiring weird little gestures of communion, the hoots and calls we send each other through the cement forests and over uncrossable highways, our surreptitious handshakes under the eye of the jackbooted enforcers. They want us to think that these are stunted aspirations to celebrity, they want us to look at these as money-making ventures, or else they want us to think this is time-wasting.

People are doing weird freaky things that we should enjoy (click on each one to see the next); they're mocking conventional operations; and they're putting great comedy out there for us to find. I'm linking to a favourite of mine. If you ask "is this a gay joke or an anti-gay joke", I'll disappear your sorry ass.


Björn said...

But I need to know whether it is a gay joke or an anti-gay joke before I decide whether to watch it?

Also, is it SFW? Or at least SFtL?

sw said...

The whole point of the post is that nothing is SFW, if you look at it the way I'm suggesting you look at it?